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Nerf Vortex Sneak Peak 2 (Video)

The video is about a month old, but I haven’t been blogging. The second sneak peak at the Vortex line is here.


Whats coming for Basic Nerf in 2011?

In this little post, I’ll give you the readers a little sneak peak at whats coming up for the rest of the year and 2011 as well. I’ll also address some issues with this blog and you the reader as well.
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Sneak Peak at new Nerf Products

Alright what can we spot here? First off check the bottom of the display. Theres the new Deploy and Longstrike! The top left features new products as well. That white thing looks like the clear Recon mentioned in the previous post. The red blaster next to it looks like the clear Nitefinder. All the way to the right features new kinds of Nerf vests!