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My Trip to Target: Fission Mailed

As you can probably tell from the lack of posts today, I didn’t get The Alpha Trooper, nor did I get the Stampede. I was all excited like a kid the night before Christmas, went to bed at one in the morning, woke up at 6 in the morning. Didn’t even leave for Target until around 10:30. When I got there their wasn’t an Alpha Trooper and for sure a Stampede in sight. I asked an employee to the DCPI numbers for both items, and they poped up in his scanner. The only thing was that they didn’t have them in the back. After some thought he said to check back next week since they were gonna get a shipment for this section (The Nerf Section) next week for The Holidays. Dang, it’s not even August yet, and even from there it’s 4 months to December.

That Target had almost everything. Clear Deploys, Clear Recons, Recons, Deploys, Vulcans with double ammo deal, Mavericks with double ammo deal, normal Mavericks, Nitefinders, Normal Deploys, Rapid Fire 20s, 51 Dart Refills for Buzz Bee, Tommy 20s, Berserkers, Flip-Clips, Bandoliers, Dart Tag Darts, and other small stuff that I don’t remember. There was stuff sections missing, guess it was sold out. Their Dart Tag sleeves were marked on Clearance for $5.00, so I had to get me a sleeve. They had three, but I bought one so it’s down to two. That piece of equipment isn’t bad. If anyone wants a location for this Southern California Target, just leave a comment in this post.

I had to settle on a Deploy for now. The gun itself isn’t too bad, and I could see myself using it in a Nerf War, most likely as a secondary, and a long stretch as a primary. I’ll write a a review of it’s performance in 2 or 3 weeks after I’ve had some battle experience with it.
Well, I’ll try to go back their next week. I so gotta get an Alpha Trooper, and a Stampede if possible, for this sleepover the first week of August at my church. Theres gonna be Nerf for sure, so I gotta get ready!

Also note, California readers, don’t be afraid to check out Targets for the gun anyways! Give them the DCPI numbers when in doubt.