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Humans vs. Zombies Theatrical Trailer 2012 – Rise of the Resistance (Video)

From the creators of one of the most popular HvZ theatrical videos on youtube. Their back with a trailer for their new, upcoming 3 part series!


Nerf4Hire – The Safezone (Trailer)

Affiliate Nerf4Hire has just released a trailer for his upcoming Nerf War film called “The Safezone”. His previous attempt to create a Dart Tag tournament in the UK ran into some problems, so he decided to work on this film instead. It comes out June 1, but check out more details here.

Z-Day: A Firsthand Account of the Faux Zombie Apocalypse (Video)

Z-Day: A Firsthand Account of the Faux Zombie Apocalypse – Trailer from Neil Logan Butler on Vimeo.

A documentary about the very first session of Humans vs. Zombies at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Spring 2009.

A pretty well done documentary on SCAD’s very first HvZ game back in 2009. The footage is a little grainy, but it’s still very watchable and enjoyable. If you want some HvZ entertainment, check out the 9 part documentary here.