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Agros UK catalog reveals N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper & Dart Tag Stinger (Photos)

Looks like the UK is once again providing us with new Nerf news! In the latest catalog from UK retailer Argos it revealed 2 new blasters. Coming this Spring, an N-Strike favorite, the Alpha Trooper, will get the Elite make over! That SHOULD mean better ranges of course. The Dart Tag line is also getting a new, single shot blaster called the Stinger.

Will the Alpha Trooper still be CS-18? Or will it be CS-12 like in the leaked photos? The photos aren’t too clear on that. One of my UK readers says that it’s CS-12. Stay tuned to http://www.argos.co.uk while they update their site, and it should reveal a little more info on this.

As for the Stinger, I wonder if it’ll get similar ranges to a Triad or Firestrike? I’m hoping it does, because the N-Strike Elite line leaves the Dart Tag line in the dust, at least range wise.

1/20/13 EDIT:
Argos Listing for Dart Tag Stinger/Target board: £12.99
Argos Listing for N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper: £19.99

Info thanks to UK Nerf!


Nerf Dart Tag to Come Back Big in 2013? (Rumor)

I literally don’t have any sources or sites to confirm this. My source was of the type of “he said she said” type of the deal. However the person I talked to managed to get this rumor through seemingly solid circumstances in the situations they described. Nerf Dart Tag is coming back in a, I would say big way. There will also be some new, but familiar aspects to it.

The source I also talked to said that we would be getting 4 new blasters for this line, which I also have solid descriptions of. However, please just remember that this is all just a rumor for now. If this comes true, this will be a sort of reference post, and perhaps I’ll be able to reveal more information on this IF it is indeed true or even teased.
For now, look out for the London Toy Fair Feb 22-24! Perhaps we’ll get some new Nerf info then.

MyLastDart digs into Nerf Incinerator rumor, revealed to be the Firestrike

Up and coming UK Nerf blogger MyLastDart recently dug into the rumored Incinerator item listing that was spotted months ago. Look up more details from his blog post on his site, but it appears to have been a matter of the name being lost in translation.

Nerf4hire Party Package Promo Video

For the ultimate birthday party rent a package of Nerf guns and have a huge Nerf War. With several packages available starting at £60 for 10 kids we are sure to have the package for your needs and can accommodate up to 40 kids. This service is only available in the UK, go to http://www.Nerf4hire.com/ for more details.

Check out the promo video from affiliate Nerf 4 Hire on their Nerf party blaster rental. This is a very nicely done video if I do say so myself.

Paragon Entertainment Limited scores licensing agreement with Hasbro/Nerf


UK Nerf fans should be getting a Nerf related surprise in the future.

Paragon Entertainment Limited
PEL enters into licensing agreement with Hasbro for rights to build and operate NERF branded attractions in the UK

Paragon Entertainment Limited (PEL) (“Paragon”, the “Company” or the “Group”), the AIM listed attractions design, production, fit-out business and operator is pleased to announce that on 25th October it concluded a licensing agreement with Hasbro International Inc. (“Hasbro”) to build and operate a series of NERF branded attractions. NERF is one of Hasbro’s core global brands and one of the best-selling toys in the UK.

Under the terms of the license, Paragon will design, build and operate Nerf attractions which will consist of purpose-built Nerf action arenas and Nerf blaster target ranges, with additional concepts in development. These attractions will also include a retail space where visitors can buy their favourite blaster,

The NERF brand has been recognised in the children’s toy market since 1969 and since 1991 has been owned by Hasbro, the world’s largest branded toy company with a world class brand portfolio. NERF currently produces a range of blasters which are a global toy phenomenon and typically targeted to children aged 6 and over.

Following the announcement on 21 September 2012, the Company is also pleased to announce that the first NERF attractions will be at Westfield’s Merry Hill Shopping Centre and are expected to open by the year end. The multi-attraction destination will include a NERF blaster gallery and retail outlet followed by a NERF action arena in early 2013. Additional NERF sites will be announced in due course.

CEO Comment

Mark Pyrah, Chief Executive Officer, commented “The award winning NERF brand represents an excellent fit with our strategy to operate proprietary attractions. The ‘NERF’ and ‘NERF Blaster’ are fantastic products which for years have been eminently popular with children. We look forward to working closely with Hasbro to create a fantastic attraction experience.”

Hasbro International Inc. Comment

Katherine Buckland UK Licensing Director, Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing,Hasbro International Inc., commented “We are delighted to have Paragon building and operating attractions under the banner of our NERF brand. These attractions will be a “world first” for Nerf. Together we are offering a unique and innovative leisure proposition with the chance to experience NERF in a fully immersive environment.”

29th October 2012

This is all very interesting. If it goes well enough, perhaps Nerf can bring it to other countries? Check out more about Paragon here.

Link to press release.

Half price Nerf products at Sainsbury’s in the UK until November 6th

All this and more for half off!

If your in the UK, you gotta check out Sainsbury’s, they have Nerf stuff off for 50 percent off! It’s also not listed there, but you can get 30 N-Strike Elite Darts for only 2.50 pounds. (or about $USD). Check out more sales here.

Nerf4Hire – The Safezone (Trailer)

Affiliate Nerf4Hire has just released a trailer for his upcoming Nerf War film called “The Safezone”. His previous attempt to create a Dart Tag tournament in the UK ran into some problems, so he decided to work on this film instead. It comes out June 1, but check out more details here.