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Half price Nerf products at Sainsbury’s in the UK until November 6th

All this and more for half off!

If your in the UK, you gotta check out Sainsbury’s, they have Nerf stuff off for 50 percent off! It’s also not listed there, but you can get 30 N-Strike Elite Darts for only 2.50 pounds. (or about $USD). Check out more sales here.


NerfRevolution UK user picks up a Stockade (Photos)

Nerf Revolution UK member UKNerfWar managed to get his hands on the upcoming N-Strike Elite Stockade. He’s even opened it up and discovered the reason for it’s higher ranges. But thats a whole ‘nother topic, check out more on the forums! Hes got photos of the Stockade’s stock and some analysis of it.

Nerf with Nickelodeon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Video)

This has gotta be one of the shortest commercials I’ve ever seen. Anyways Nerf UK hooked up with Nickelodeon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to shoot an advertisement or two. Heres one of them.