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Nerf addresses Urban Taggers Situation via Facebook

About two hours ago, Nerf took to their Facebook and posted the statement below regrading the whole Urban Taggers thing.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide the following statement concerning Hasbro’s investigation into “leaked” IP information regarding its NERF brand products. As with anything, there are two sides to every story. While we cannot comment on the details of any ongoing investigation, Hasbro takes all circumstances of its stolen and leaked IP very seriously and will continue to investigate sources of unauthorized information and products as it relates to its brands. We would like to clarify one of the inaccuracies that has been reported. While a local Hasbro Australia marketing team did reach out to the Urban Taggers website to engage in promotional activity for which it required its address, it was completely unrelated to the confidential global investigation being conducted on Hasbro’s behalf by independent investigators looking into sources of leaked IP information. Hasbro greatly values and appreciates its fan communities and is very proud of its strong relationships with many bloggers and sites that cover our brands and products.

The comments on the post are a mixed bag, check them out yourselves or join in on the discussion. Personally, I’m just watching from the bleachers until more passes and the story becomes more developed.

Updated Barricade RV-10 Info

Finally some updated info and a sort of press release from Nerf. Urban Taggers has spotted them at his Australian Target already.

EDIT: User worthless on a comment said this guy is is available for preorder and ships December 6 or 12/6. Just in time for the Holidays! Price there is $17 not including shipping and handling.

Also, get 25% off when preordering by using the code FAMILY2010

Hi ######!

Hope you’ve been doing well. J We shared a little information on the new N-Strike Barricade RV-10 blaster yesterday on the FB page, but wanted to give you all the details as well as the official image, in case you’d like to post on NerfHaven. We plan on posting this image to Facebook later today. The Barricade blaster has already been spotted on shelves around the world, but US fans should keep a lookout – it will be hitting shelves around the country before the end of the year.


· Motorized, semi-automatic Nerf blaster

· Revolving barrel

· Holds up to 10 sonic whistle darts

· Compatible with the Tactical Rail System and alternate N-Strike stocks.

· Will be available at most major retailers nationwide and HasbroToyShop.com

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks!

Info thanks to Nerf Haven.

My Trip to Target Take 3: Nerf Stampede Mission Success (Stampede ECS Picture Update)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The front of the Stampede Box

Yeah thats right missions success! I went to Target yesterday doing my usual “I’m looking for something but I don’t see it on the shelves but I have the number can you look it up for me?” routine. And it worked! I’ve taken some pictures of things like size comparisons and accessory swapping. Also do you want to know what the 18 Dart Clips look like on their tactical vest? Then hit the jump for the rest of the pictures!
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Nerf Barricade RV-10 Release Date?

Picture thanks to Nerf Intel Corp

Our affiliate Nerf Intel Corp comes though with some exclusive info!

Nerf Barricade RV-10 is now set to release 11/15/10 and is $15.99 battery operated
use with whistler darts and camo darts 3 AA batteries! ;) link pending!

Thats what his sources are saying. Nerf Intel Corp comes through once again! But shoot you can go ahead and buy it early if you wanted to.

11/15/10 Edit: Well it hasn’t come out in the USA yeah, but check this press release from Nerf about it.

11/16/2010 Edit: Check that post mentioned in the 11/15 edit for an option to pre-order the gun and a possible release date on this gun as well.