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Basic Nerf November 20, 2012 Update


Hey everyone, just a quick update on whats gonna be going on for the next month. I hosted an indoor Nerf War Saturday night, and then went to one on Sunday. I got plenty of games to show you guys from that. Those were my last Nerf events until Camarillo, CA Humans vs. Zombies December 16 and December 23. I might have a review before then, and the blog is gonna slow down on content a bit.

I’ll be uploading videos of those HvZ events after their done, but until then I’ll be uploaded videos from the past two events every other day to give you content until game day. Heres the first video! Keep checking my Youtube channel for more content!

Until then keep Nerfing!

Basic Nerf 2011 Summer Update (Video)

Watch the video for more details, but heres a Basic summary.

Back from college. Room is a mess.
Bunch of new subscribers!
Summer School.
I just got a bunch of subscribers.
Going to start weekly uploads, two Nerf videos a week.
Lost a Nerf item, gonna gain a Nerf item.
Keep viewing the blog for more posts.
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Basic Nerf Blog Update 1/24/2011


Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been sick, and recovering while trying to get school work done. Also I like to play NBA 2K11 in my spare time. I’ll update some stuff for you guys though, including

Updating the Dart Tag post.
Part two of this video.
Updating the post game report of the Nerf War with an actual report.
I have video of that event as well, interviews and game footage I have to get off a camera. That stuff will come later in the week.
Also I’ll try to write up a new review for you today. Most likely of the blaster above, but NOT that EXACT model.

Where was Basic Nerf?

First off guys I apologize for not updating this blog for 5 Months. Looking back at this blog now and remembering all the posts I had made made me realize the potential that this blog had. The past 5 months have been a bit hectic for me, and I decided that, along with church friends, that taking a break from Nerf would be best for us. However this was all unsaid, to you the blog readers, and to us as friends. It was something just implied. My pessimistic cousin said that “we’ll never play Nerf again.” But I have to dis-agree with that. Were coming back this year, and it’ll be better then ever!

Hit the jump for a summary of events that held me, Vigilante, busy for the past 5 months. ALSO PLEASE NOTE there will be posts updating you the reader about Nerf below this, as I will keep this up top for awhile.
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