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Lots of New Mega Magnus Info, including Internals, Mod Guide, Range Test & 3 Country Prices

Photo thanks to Awesomely Nerf

A slew of new information regarding the Mega Magnus has hit the internet in the past few days, specificlly things I haven’t posted in this site yet. This new information has been gathered here for you all, and it includes a mod guide, internals, a range test, another unboxing, and prices for the countries of Canada, USA, and Singapore. Check the rest of this post for that info.
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Dart Tag Stinger & Dart Tag Duel Sets spotted in USA (Photos)

Nerf2me2 managed to find two new Nerf products in his Toys R Us in Arizona. One is the Stinger, a Dart Tag blaster that was previewed in the Agros UK magazine. The whole product is going under the name “Dart Tag Target Tag”. It was being sold for $19.99.

“Dart Tag Target Tag”

Package Includes:
Dart Tag Stinger Blaster (Blue)
Training Target
5 Dart Tag Darts

he Stinger is pretty much a more streamlined and more comfortable Jolt. It uses the exact same design with just a little more plastic shell so that you can hold the extra 2 darts up top. Straight out of the box it seems like its using a little higher powered spring but wont know for sure till I can do some testing.

The Darts are now Y coded and seem to be made kinda of cheap. They are the same dart just a little different color tip and different codes. It could just be me but thats what they seem to me.

As for the Target, not much to talk about. It has a Fold Out Stand on the back or you can hang it on a wall. Not all the Used Darts like to stick, but it works.

UK Nerf has more photos of this blaster, but essentially it’s a glorified Jolt.


However he also discovered a new product not mentioned anywhere before, called the Dart Tag “Dart Duel”. It was being sold for $29.99.


Package Includes:
2 Dart Tag Stinger Blasters (Red & Green)
2 Sets of Vision Gear
2 Training Jerseys
6 Dart Tag Darts (3 Red 3 Green)

Stingers are the Exact Same as Above however they come in an awesome Red and Green Color!

Darts are again Y coded and seamed even cheaper than the ones above. They are Red and Green tips which is kinda of cool but just dont seem to be up to par when it comes to how they are made.

The Vision Gear (Glasses) Are the same as they all ways have however, they have green and red lenses.

The Jerseys again, are nothing but a cheap material that the darts stick to. Nothing to exciting.


Photo of all 3 different colored Stingers

Elite Rough Cut, Strongarm, Elite Firefly Mags & White Elite Darts spotted at Toys R Us

HvZ forums user torukmakto4 from Florida posted this and some heads up info on the Toys R Us over there. The new stuff he spotted is the Elite Rough Cut, Strongarm, Elite Firefly Mags & White Elite Darts. He reported that the price of the Strongarm was about the same as the Maverick.

Being a Southern California native, it might be a bit of time before we spot these in our own Toys R Us shelves due to the LA docks strike.

In the meantime, you can order the Elite Rough Cut 2×4 off the Toys R Us website.