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Camarillo, CA Humans vs. Zombies Returns for Winter 2014/Early 2015 Game Sessions. Dec. 20, 2014 & Jan. 3, 2015

Watch a video trailer for the upcoming games above.

After a lack of the usual Summer games, Camrillo Humans vs. Zombies organizers are back with two games for the Winter 2014/Early 2015 sessions! The organizers had to relocate to an Airsoft field for last year’s Winter games, but we are back now at Mission Oaks/Mission Verde Park. If you know anything about Southern California Humans vs. Zombies games, you’ll know that there’s not a lot of colleges or schools that have them over here. Which is why the creators of this area decided to organize this game back in 2008. If your visiting and in the LA County area, why not come over to play some HvZ? If your thinking about going, we would love to have you!

There is a $10 admission fee. The proceeds will go towards the Wounded Warrior Project. We, the organizers have gotten permission from the game’s creators to charge people.

I’ll be going to Day 2/Game 2! If you want to say hi, meet up, or possibly get a squad together to play, feel free to let me know!

5501 Mission Oaks Blvd
Camarillo, CA, US
(Searching up Mission Verde Park, Camarillo CA in Google Maps will also direct you to the right place.)

December 20, 2014 & January 3, 2015 (Saturdays)
(They are separate games, if you can’t make both, feel free to go to only one then.)

9 AM to around 5 PM.

What to Bring:
Layered clothing to keep warm.
Water, theres only a couple of water fountains.
Money for Lunch or your own lunch
Blasters (nothing to crazyily modded)
A good attitude
$10 for the Entry Cost

What NOT to bring:
Banned blasters from Nerf Wars
Common sense stuff that’s way too powerful.

Camarillo is about an hour drive from Los Angeles. The drive is well worth it though. Some unique things about this game is that the mod team changes every year. Each mod brings a different outlook on game missions and objectives, which makes for a truly unique experience each game. Game time is usually from 10 am to 4 pm with a lunch break around noon. Some of the unique or different rules can be found below.

– There is no starve out period, and stun timers are shorter to make up for the day long game.

– The park has two decent sized fields on it, but the major terrain perk is that there’s a two or three mile long winding creek that is great for missions and surprise attacks.

– Only 1 safe zone.

– An additional, smaller park two blocks away that are also sometimes used for missions.

Feel free to leave any questions here or on the Facebook event page.

Event Link:

Rules from the 2013 Winter Games for Reference. This Winter Sessions games will look similar.

Click to access Summer2013Rules.pdf

HvZ Wiki Lin (View Game History a bit)

Feel free to join the Facebook Group!

I like to prepare and show my readers/viewers how I prepare for these games. If you would like to follow some of my past journeys doing that, as well as check out game media related to our past and future games, check out my “Campaign to Camarillo” posts here.

Also, you can check out my Humans vs. Zombies related posts here.

Camarillo, CA Winter 2012 Humans vs. Zombies Media Footage

Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies Winter 2012 – Game 1, Part 1/3 – Harassed By Zombies

Remember when I advertised for this Humans vs. Zombies game that head organized back in Winter 2012? Well I finally have all my game footage, as well as vlogs, uploaded now! Again, we played two different games on two different days, and had 81 people play the first day, and 87 the next. Check below for much more video and photos on the event as well as more information on our games.

Continue reading Camarillo, CA Winter 2012 Humans vs. Zombies Media Footage

Camarillo HvZ Moves to Oxnard for Winter 2013 Games, Dates & Location Found Here

An action shot from our Summer 2013, Day 2 Game.

Channel Islands Airsoft Field


PaintBall USA Ventura
5011 W Gonzales Rd, Oxnard, CA

The Paintball and Airsoft field are separate, but next to each other. Be sure to go to the Airsoft field for the game, NOT the Paintball field.

More In Depth Directions:

December 28, 2013 & January 4, 2014 (Saturdays)
(They are separate, new games. If you can’t make both, feel free to go to only one then.)

Games go from about 9 AM to around Dusk, with a lunch break around Noon.

What to Bring:
Appropriate clothing. There isn’t much shade at this field. Also there’s lots of bushes and more unsteady terrain then the usual Mission Oaks/Mission Verde Park we play at. Pants and shoes with good support are very high recommended. Check below for a weather report.

$10 to pay to play. The $10 is per day, so if you attended both game days you would pay $10 on each day.
A safety waiver needs to be signed to play. People under 18 must get it signed by a guardian. Waiver can be found and filled out at the game or signed ahead of time and brought. Link to Waiver is found below.


Eye Protection is also mandatory to play. Your usual NIC eye protection will serve you just fine, and these forms of eye protection are also allowed.
Shooting Glasses
Paintball or Airsoft protection, as long as it protects your eyes.
Prescription Glasses
Sun Glasses

Sunscreen is recommended.
A hat is also recommended.
Water, there aren’t any water fountains or water sources there.
Money for Lunch or your own lunch.
A Bandanna to mark if your a Human or Zombie.
Blasters (nothing to crazyily modded)
A good attitude

What NOT to bring:
Banned blasters from Nerf Wars
Common sense stuff that’s way too powerful.
Stefans or Custom Darts

Hey there everyone, Camarillo HvZ for Winter 2013 is back to announce game dates and a location to everyone. We’ve had some problems with the City of Camarillo recently enforcing their code, so we can’t play in Mission Verde Park this Winter. In the mean time, we’ve secured a new location to play at at the Channel Island Airsoft Field in Oxnard. Even though there is a $10 payment, mandatory eye protection, and waivers that must be signed, the organizers and myself believe that this play area will be a refreshing new take on our usual Camarillo HvZ games. A few photos of this new location can be viewed below.

This past Summer 2013, we had 70 Players attend Day 1, and 89 Players attend Day 2. The Day 2 single day attendance set our biggest single game day record so far! This will also be the 5 year anniversary of the games, so thank you for everyone of you who have attended and gotten your friends to come. Here’s to 5 more years of HvZ!

Event Link:

Photos of Channel Island Airsoft Field:



Feel Free to Join the Facebook Group!

Game Photos from Summer 2013, Day 2.