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Previously Leaked Rapidstrike CS-18 Rapid Reload Pack is Now Walmart Exclusive


Remember that Rapid Reload Pack spotted on Baidu months ago? The one that featured an extra clear mag and 18 extra Elite Darts? Well a few days ago I headed to Walmart and spotted it on shelves. Again, I spotted this in a Southern California Walmart.
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Walmart Canada Site puts up Mega Magnus Listing, Includes Price Point


Image thanks to i_upboat

You heard to the Walmart Canada website and searched up Nerf Mega,you would get the above image for the upcoming Nerf Mega Magnus blaster. What makes this a bit more exciting new then usual is that we have a sort of price point for the blaster now. It’s being sold for $18.87. So we should see it being for for around that price in other stores. We also recently had this blaster confirmed yesterday by Nerf on Facebook.

The description from the Walmart web listing of the Magnus can be found below.

Description & FeaturesYour battles are about to get a whole lot bigger – Mega bigger! The Magnus blaster has the same high performance as other N-Strike Elite blasters, but it features bigger darts engineered to fire farther than ever! Launch Mega Darts at targets up to 85 feet away and dominate the biggest Nerf battle yet with the Magnus blaster. Its built-in, one-handed clip lets you reload fast to get back in the game, and it comes with 3 Mega Whistler Darts that scream as they fly! Hit the battlefield with Mega power with the Magnus blaster!

Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Includes blaster, 3 Mega Darts and instructions

/!\ CAUTION: Do not aim at eyes or face.

TO AVOID INJURY: Use only darts designed for this product. Do not modify darts or dart blaster.

Sales & Deals section of the blog Updated, Elite Rapidstrike on sale for $29.88


It’s been awhile, but I’ve finally got around to updating the Sales & Deals section of my blog. I’ve only got deals up for Amazon & Walmart up at the moment, but the big deal for both those stores is the Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 being sold for $29.88. Both of the sites offer some form of free shipping, and I HIGHLY recommend you getting this blaster if you don’t have it already.

On the Walmart site, there’s a few listings on Rebelle and Elite items as well.

Elite Strongarm 2-Pack spotted as Walmart Exclusive


While out and about scouting for new products and deal, I found this Strongarm 2-Pack at Walmart for $19.88. This pack comes with the 2 Strongarm blasters, and 12 darts to accompany them. According to the label on the box, it’s a Walmart exclusive. It seems like a quick, easy, and cheap way for two people to have Nerf fun. Also with this box deal, the Strongarms are worth about $10 each, vs. the $13 the usually sell for in stores separately.


Elite Color Packaged Suction Darts spotted at Walmart (Photo)


I ran into a bit of surprise a few days ago. While out and about a few days ago looking for the Rapidstrike, I ran into these at Walmart. They the normal suction darts, but their packaging is re branded colored with the Elite colors. The darts look like the same normal suction darts, and they felt like the same type of phone through the plastic package. Although I mostly buy Elite darts now a days, it’s nice to see that Nerf is still keeping the Suction Dart alive.


N-Strike Elite Spectre appears on Walmart Site


Recently, an online Walmart listing for the Elite Spectre REV-5 has appeared. Featuring Elite Ranges and a new paintjob to match the current Elite line, this blaster is sure to get some fans coming back for it a second time around. Here’s the website product description.

When your mission can change by the minute, you need a quick, powerful blaster that can change with it! Customize your three-piece Spectre Rev-5 blaster for your exact blasting needs. Add the folding stock when you need to steady your shot and add the barrel extension when you need to make sure your ammo hits the mark. Remove them both when you need a compact stealth blaster! You can add even more tactical advantage with Tactical Rail accessories (sold separately) that attach to the Tactical Rail. With a 5-dart rotating barrel, you can keep the shots coming. As your Elite Darts sail toward targets up to 75 feet away, you’ll know you can win the fight!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre Rev-5:
Blaster’s rotating barrel holds 5 darts
Barrel flips open for easy loading
Remove barrel extension and folding stock for a compact size or add for more accuracy
Stock and barrel extension work with other N-Strike blasters (sold separately)
Tactical Rail is compatible with most N-Strike accessories (sold separately)
Elite Darts work with all N-Strike Elite blasters and most original N-Strike blasters (sold separately)

Oddly enough, their isn’t any price on the site, and while the site says it’s sold in stores only, it also says Store information not available. I was at Walmart about two ago, but didn’t see this blaster or any of the new Fall line. It looks like this site listing is more or less a place holder for the product at the moment.

The Elite Spectre was featured as a prize in the SG Powerplay Tournament recently, and was said to be an Asia exclusive, until Adult Fans of Nerf heard otherwise at this year’s Nerf Summer event.

Introducing the new Sales & Deals Page


Let’s be real, who doesn’t like sales and deals, especially when it comes to your favorite hobby? I’m looking online and in stores for them quite a bit, so I figured why not share the information with my readers? Since I live in the USA, the information will be based on USA store sales. I’ll keep you updated mostly on 4 major stores, Kmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart. I’ll also be including Amazon sales for a total of 5 places. Other store listings will be included if they are nationwide or at the very least on a big scale. Special deals such as buy one, get one will be included here as well. I plan on updating this page least once a week. Stay tuned to my Twitter page and Facebook page for updates on the sales.

Items must be on sale below the normal suggested retail price for them to make it on this page. So for example if Toys R Us has the Retaliator being sold for $49.99, and it’s being marked down on “sale” for $39.99, I’m not going to post that “sale”. The suggested and normal retail price for that blaster is $26.99, and most stores have them for around that price.

If readers want to contact me with sales they see in there stores/country/state/, I’ll be happy to post them on this page. I’ll be sure to give them credit for sharing it. But please have the sale match the criteria mentioned above.

You can view the Sales & Deals page right here, or simply look up at the top and find the new page right under the “Home” link. The page is under construction right now, but Target and Kmart sales are up. I suggest you check out Kmart, they seem to be having a “buy one N-Strike item, get the other free” advertisement up. I personally plan on taking advantage of that.