About Basic Nerf

Who am I?
A 21 year old guy who lives in Southern California, Los Angeles County area. I’ve been Nerfing since about April or May 2009. I’ve always had a fascination with guns since I was a kid (who hasn’t?) but I never really got to “act it out”. One day while walking down the halls of Kmart in 2009, my best friend and I stumbled upon the foam blaster aisle. Our first purchases were the Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Tek and Tommy 20. Fast forward to January 27, 2010, my idea of starting a non-modding blog for the non-modders comes to life in my Physical Science class. Fast forward to Summer 2011, and Nerf is sending me products to keep and review. I’m glad I have the support of a company that I support and enjoy. I organized and was head Administrator for the Camarillo 2012 Winter Humans vs. Zombies games.

I strive to give my readers and viewers quality content, mostly in the form of articles, battle tested reviews, and good Nerf videos that I find across the internet. The “Basic” name in the blog refers to my lack of modding and little amount of mods on this blog. This site is mostly for the average, stock consumer, but it has Nerf media for everyone. I also have a GoPro Hero2 and Hero3 Black Edition camera, and like to record my Nerf games for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Check out my playlist of those games here.

Received and reviewed products from:
Razor Vapor Blasters
Zing Toys

My Current Nerf/Projectile Launching Collection

Alpha Trooper CS-18 x4
Big Bad Bow
Barricade RV-10 x2
Deploy CS-6
Jolt EX-1
Longshot CS-6 x4 (1 blue, 3 yellow)
Magstrike AS-10
Maverick REV-6 x4
Nitefinder EX-3 x2
Raider CS-35
Recon CS-6 x2
Reflex IX-1
Rayven CS-18 x2
Secret Strike AS-1
Scout IX-3 (Yellow) x2
Stampede ECS x3
Spectre REV-5

N-Strike Elite Series:
Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 x2
Hail-Fire x2
Fire-Strike x2
Elite Rayven CS-18 x2
Rapidstrike CS-18 x3
Rough Cut 2×4 x2
Elite Spectre REV-5
Strongarm x2
Stryfe x2
Triad EX-3 x1
Demolisher 2-In-1 Blaster

N-Strike Clear Series:
Raider CS-35
Nitefinder EX-3

N-Strike Gear Up Series:
Raider CS-35
Maverick REV-6 x1
Barricade RV-10 x1

N-Strike Sonic Series:
Maverick REV-6

Vigilon x2
Proton x1

Mega Series:
Centurion x2
Magnus x2

Zombie Strike:
Crossfire Bow

Dart Tag:
Furyfire x3
Quick 16
Snapfire 8 x2

Buzz Bee:
Double Shot x2 (First Edition)
Tek 6 x2
Tek 10 x2

Super Soaker:
Shot Blast (Red) x1
Tornado Strike x1

Pump Action S2500 x1

Razor Vapor Blasters:

Zing Toys:
Z-Tek Cross Bow
Z-Curve Bow
Sky Ripperz x12

Camera Equipment:
GoPro Hero2 Outdoor Edition
GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

Gear & Blaster Accessories:
Nerf Tactical Vest (First Edition)
Condor 7 Pocket Chest Rig (Tan)
Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig (OD)
Lancer Tactical JPC (Jumpable Plate Carrier) (Foilage Green)

Updated July 3, 2014

24 thoughts on “About Basic Nerf”

  1. Hi, when do you get selected to join a nerf launch party. I planned to make a nerf blog of my own, if that’s necessary. I really like your blog and I hope I will become as good as you.


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