This is the affiliate section of my site. My affiliated sites are high quality sites that I personally take time to support, and the same is often done for me. Due to my growing number of sites, I no longer accept requests, unless your a decent sized site or I particularly like you and your site’s work.

Foam From Above is a Chicago Nerf blog whos been supporting me for awhile. Hes also officially recognized by Nerf, so check out his blog for exclusive info. Vas runs Foam From Above.

Urban Taggers is an Australian blog run by Pocket. We’ve been long time supporters of one another, and he often has importation the fastest. In addition to that, check his site for videos and reviews as well.

As of July 24, 2013 Pocket is not longer posting on his site.

Adult Fans of Nerf is another site recognized by Nerf. They have Nerf news and early information. In addition to that check out their forums. It maybe be small, but the community is very active, and we talk about the serious,stock, side of blasters and tactics.

Johnson Arms is a Nerf art blog. He paints Nerf and other foam blasters. His work is for sale, and movie companies often buy his work for props. A little something different then most Nerf blogs, but well worth the view.

SG Nerf is a Singapore Nerf blog. It’s a great blog. The main site holds reviews of almost every Nerf blaster from the current decade, but other owned sites branch out into forums, mod guides, custom blasters, Super Soakers, alternate brand blasters, and a Singapore stock list. Very impressive.

Blog Header test 2

Me and Coop from Click Click Bamf
Another Nerf recognized youtube channel/blog. Their Youtube channel is the main source of their content, and run by Chris aka CJ, and Coop. They have plenty quality reviews, and have over 2,000 subscribers on youtube. Check their blog out as well!

S.O.F.T. V 3.0
Squadron of Foam Tasmania (S.O.F.T.) is another Australian Nerf blogger who resides on the island of Tasmania. Hes a stock Nerfer like me, dabbles in Journalism & Photoshop, and takes plenty of photos for his blaster reviews. Check out S.O.F.T. here.

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Outback Nerf (formally Nerf Blasters and Accessories) is run by p13c30fch33s3 & Nerffan, both from Australia. They have plenty of blaster reviews and blaster tips on their site. It’s a great place to spend time on, so check out Outback Nerf.

Canberra & Riverina Dart Tag join Urban Taggers and S.O.F.T. as my other Australian Nerf affiliates. For those who don’t know, Canberra is the capital of Australia. Riverina is to the east of Canberra. Both hold lots of Nerf Wars, Humans vs. Zombies games, and melee games. Their my first facebook affiliates, and their quite popular as well. Be sure to check their page for plenty of photos on their games and Nerf news! Give their pages a “like” and tell them I sent you their way.

Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag Facebook Page
Riverina Dart Tag
Please go here for the new Riverina Dart Tag page, Wagga Foam Warz

The Sly Dev Store is an Australian with a 3D printer, who makes all sorts of quality Nerf accessories that you won’t see anywhere else on the web! Check him and his site out below!

The Sly Dev Store
Sly Dev on Facebook

MyLastDart is a pretty new UK Nerf blogger on the scene, but he’s already making big moves in the Nerf community, unveiling exclusive Nerf information and having deep contacts in the Hasbro/Nerf company. Check out his site here!

BAN Header small 2
Bay Area Nerf is a site run by Josh & Shawn. Based in the Bay Area of California, USA, they host Nerf games monthly and even have their own Nerf podcast. Their passionate and knowledgeable about Nerf, so keep an eye open to their site for photos, news, reviews, and their podcast!

19 thoughts on “Affiliates”

  1. hi how did you setup your website and start out? I would like some advice as I would like to start out reviewing cameras and maybe nerf guns.



    1. @Joshua Please send me an email about this.

      @Allen I use the free version of wordpress. People also like to use Blogspot.

      My advice is to be passionate about what you do, and be thorough about it.


  2. Ok thanks! By the way might be getting a nerf gun this weekend but can’t decide whether to get an alpha trooper or recon. So might need help deciding. And also sometimes I don’t know what to write about. What do you do when that happens?


    1. I would go with the Alpha Trooper. It’s easier to fire, comes with an 18 dart drum, and has slam fire. The N-Strike Elite Retaliator coming out is pretty much like a Recon anyways. I have reviews of both the Recon and Alpha Trooper in my review section if you want to check them out and compare them.

      As for trying to find a topic, I don’t really have that problem personally. I suggest that you write, it doesn’t have to be about Nerf, but just write about something to get your brain and hands going. You’ll figure out something to write eventually if you do this.


    1. Hey AwesomeNerfer1999,

      Sorry for not responding to the email you sent earlier. I believe I deleted it on accident, and I can’t seem to find it in my trash section of the mail. At the moment I’m only looking to affiliate and connect myself with big sites. I already have 10 other sites that I help promote, with 2 bigger oens on the way. I hope you understand, keep working on your site.

      – Jason, Basic Nerf


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