Agros UK catalog reveals N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper & Dart Tag Stinger (Photos)

Looks like the UK is once again providing us with new Nerf news! In the latest catalog from UK retailer Argos it revealed 2 new blasters. Coming this Spring, an N-Strike favorite, the Alpha Trooper, will get the Elite make over! That SHOULD mean better ranges of course. The Dart Tag line is also getting a new, single shot blaster called the Stinger.

Will the Alpha Trooper still be CS-18? Or will it be CS-12 like in the leaked photos? The photos aren’t too clear on that. One of my UK readers says that it’s CS-12. Stay tuned to while they update their site, and it should reveal a little more info on this.

As for the Stinger, I wonder if it’ll get similar ranges to a Triad or Firestrike? I’m hoping it does, because the N-Strike Elite line leaves the Dart Tag line in the dust, at least range wise.

1/20/13 EDIT:
Argos Listing for Dart Tag Stinger/Target board: £12.99
Argos Listing for N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper: £19.99

Info thanks to UK Nerf!

7 thoughts on “Agros UK catalog reveals N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper & Dart Tag Stinger (Photos)”

  1. yeah Ive been speaking to and SmythsToys and for a while on their Fb and Twitter sites for a couple of weeks now, about the new Nerf releases, and they have said keep tuned on their catalogues :)

    im hopeful for Elite Stampede and Vulcan :)

    I think we can expect more Dart Tag! esp since the Uk plans for official Nerf stores to hold tournaments and at a national level also


    1. I was ready to buy one or two normal ones when they went on clearance (They’ve been NCF since before Christmas). Now I’m not sure.

      I wonder if the Elite Alphas will be Target exclusive again.


  2. The Stinger has a bottom prime handle like the Jolt or Triad. It also looks bigger than a Jolt…perhaps just a single-shot Triad-sized mini-blaster? Does it coincide with Dart Tag Elite? Who knows….


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