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If you want to or need to contact me, theres a couple of different ways you can reach me.

1. For quick questions and quick answers, you can leave a comment on a post, and I’ll be sure to read it and reply back.

2. You can email me at I do check my email every day. This is the most professional way to contact me. I’m open to affiliations with other blogs, advertisements, etc.

Please note if your requesting a review from me concerning your companies item, then it will take time to thorough test it out. I also make reviews AFTER I have had the time to send them through Nerf games/battles. This allows me to test items durability, their performance, and other intangibles. This is a big reason why it takes me more time to review items then others, so please keep this in mind when sending samples or items for reviewing/testing.

3. If you want quick chat or want to see what I’m up to you can follow me on Twitter @BasicNerf

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19 thoughts on “Contact Information”

      1. I hear you, and sincerely appreciate your feedback – I truly strive to keep the prices as low as possible, and break down my cost and labor for each feature in my ads – no hocus pocus or inflated numbers. I would love to offer even lower prices – but can’t afford to take even more of a loss on my time and labor. Many of the features are at cost, with only labor added.

        For example, on a 20 dollar paint job, I spend 12 bucks on paint and primer – and also use sandpaper, tape, degreaser, tack-cloth, etc. Including the time for dis-assembly, prep, paint and reassembly, I am really only making around 4 dollars (or less) an hour…

        One thing I am proud of is that I also offer the only 1 year free warranty available on modded NERF – no other modder backs their work with this free guarantee. (not even NERF itself offers this service) These mods are built to last and I stand behind my work.

        Thanks again for checking it out – sincerely!


  1. 2 more Nerf N-Strike Elite in 2013 Elite Jolt: and Firestrike(better and newer Nite Finder EX-1: While on the subject do you now when the Elite guns are coming out in Europe/Scandinavia?
    Are you gonna buy the Stockade( and the Hailfire( Love your videos and reviews

    From Norwegian Nerf Guy


    1. HOW DO U GET IN nerf dart tag me and my buds been trying but we dont know how and nerf is the thing we been doing sense like 4 years we do nerf battles and all that now we think were ready to go in but we cant find out how to plzzzz this are thing we do help us out


  2. Hello Basic nerf! We are a NERF CLUB on the island of Maui in hawaii and we would greatly appreciate if we can contact you about game coordinating and maybe some how be in contact with mainland nerf users and other clubs! We are still new and we hope we can meet people from around america and more and maybe even have hawai’i Nerf edition battles with you and other organizations. We looking forward to your time.
    Mahalo(thank you),
    Jordan Leong


  3. Hi I was wondering how do u set up a HvZ game in a park or whatever? Do u need permission from the council or from someone? Do u need to bring food and how long do usual games last?


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