Nerdist Reveals The New Grenade Launcher Style Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator, Release Date & Price Revealed & Discussed


Thanks to The Nerdist for the exclusive reveal! The Nerf world now has new information on the upcoming Nerf Zombie Strike “Doominator”. Their description and post on this blaster is as follows.

Nerf must have been taking Tom Hardy pretty seriously when they developed their latest foam-dart-launching terror, The Zombie Strike Doominator. Looking like a modified M23 Grenade Launcher, the Doominator has four revolving dart drums that hold 24 darts It looks like the rotating drums use the same rotation mechanic developed for the FlipFury hand guns. The action lever also provides a quick reset for the next dart, a la the excellently designed SlingFire rifle.

The Doominator will be available at most major retailers and for $39.99 in the fall of 2015. It’s a must add for any Nerf arsenal enthusiast.

Video/Audio version of this post for people who are more into visuals/audio.

Check out the rest of my post for my thoughts on the blaster design, it’s price, and it’s game/battle uses.

Photo of an actual Milkor MGL Mk.1S grenade launcher, thanks to

Again if you missed the price and release date, it’s coming out Fall 2015 for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

My thoughts on the Design & Game/Battle Potential Thoughts:

The blaster features 4 dart drums holding 6 darts each for a total of 24 darts. The level below the trigger will be used to rotate the dart drums. It’s unclear on how the blaster will prime and fire, but based on our previous knowledge of Nerf blasters, the grip on the front will likely work in a similar way to the Raider, Rampage, Revonix360, Rotofury, and pump to prime the blaster. The blaster also has one tactical rail on top.

This blaster will most likely fit an interesting niche in games. It’s 24 dart capacity is more then the 18 and 12 dart mags that most Nerfers use. It’s also more then an 18 drum and 1 less dart then 25 dart drums. So your going to have a higher capacity at a time then most Nerfers in games. However, you’ll only be able to access and fire 6 darts from them at a time before having to switch drums. It could be stressful and difficult to rotate them during games. We’ll have to see how smooth the lever is to understand how easily it will be able to prime.

In longer battles or shoot-outs that happen in games, being able to reload and keep yourself topped off (due to the exposed dart drums) will give you a unique advantage over someone who uses clips/mags.

My Price Thoughts:

Ffunction wise in it’s stock form, I don’t think your getting too much. I’m personally used to getting accessories or clips/mags with blasters of this price. Hopefully it gets Elite ranges and decent to solid mod potential, otherwise your just getting a lot of cool, and not toooo much function, for $39.99.

However, if it’s fun to use, then that’s also an important thing to remember. Not everyone can get out to play with these and use them in games. So for some, if the blaster is fun to use, that’s already a winning blaster in their books.

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