New Web Listings Online Reveal Sneak Peak of More 2015 Elite & Rebelle Blasters, & Hasbro Loses Upcoming Rebelle Blaster

Thanks to the USA blog Buffdaddy Nerf and his research, we’re now aware of upcoming Elite and Rebelle blasters! And while we don’t have photos for many of them, we do have names and web listings, including possible price points. And what’s this about Nerf/Hasbro losing an upcoming Rebelle blaster? What sort of blaster is shown above? Check out the rest of the post for all that.

Another day, another blaster being confirmed for the 2015 Leaked Image/List. This time, it’s the Elite series Crossbolt.

Product Image shot of the Elite Crossbolt

The image comes from a site called familienshopping24. According to Google Translate, it’s a German site.The original listing doesn’t have anymore photos or even a product description. The blaster at the moment is priced at 29,99 € (Euros).

Two more blasters on another German site called were also listed. The Elite Sharpfire, and Zombie Strike Flipfury. While their original listings aren’t working, or appear to be taken down. you can attempt to still view them below.

Elite XD Sharpfire, 22.99 EUROs
Buffdaddy incorrectly linked the listing to the Zombie Strike Flipfury, but according to his site it was retailing for 24.99 EUROs.

This also knocks off two more of the leaked/previewed 2015 blasters.

A few listings online have also appeared for new Nerf Rebelle items. The listings introduce us to the Secret Shot, Strong Heart, Mini Maven, and 4Victory. The last two have some weird names. Some of the weblistings list these items being up for sale on their sites in the Spring. So most of the world should be able to expect those items then.

Rebelle Secret Shot – familienshopping24 listing with 3x dart bonus, 29,99 €
Rebelle Strong Heart – familienshopping24 listing, 29,99 €
Rebelle Mini Maven – familienshopping24 listing, 12,99 €
Rebelle 4Victory – familienshopping24 listing, 19,99 €


While most of the listings have no images or descriptions, one of them does. The Rebelle Secret Shot. Image above is from the familienshopping24 listing, and below is theAmazon Rebelle Secret Shot Listing for the “Blue Version”

Check out the product description below via Amazon.

Secret Shot blaster looks like a purse until you press the button to convert it to a 4-shot blaster
Blaster fires darts up to 75 feet
Includes Message Dart and a decoder to reveal secret messages
Includes 3 collectible darts
Includes blaster, 4 darts, decoder, and instructions

Look stylish and stay ready for action with the Secret Shot blaster! You can carry this blaster that looks like a purse on your next spy mission. Nobody will suspect a thing until you press the button to convert it into a 4-shot blaster! The blaster comes with 1 Message Dart that you can use to write a secret message that can only be decoded with the included decoder! Give the decoder to a friend so you can send coded messages in plain sight of your opponents. If you’re in the mood for a stylish shot, use your 3 collectible darts instead. Show off your stealthy style with the Secret Shot blaster! Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

I admit, I’m a little excited for the Secret Shot. I like the Deploy when it came out, but it lack performance and it felt like the durability and quality was on the lower side. Hopefully this blaster will be a bit higher quality, and get up to 75 foot ranges like it claims.

If you look at the newest images below, it would appear that the “Blue Version” has been lost by a Hasbro employee, or leaked.




A new user on Nerf Haven, going by “Shamrock454”, posted this thread with the photos above asking what blaster it was. Again, unless this blaster has been quietly released, and the signs point to that being a no, then it appears this blaster has accidentally been lost by Hasbro/Nerf employees. The location on his profile is Rhode Island, where Hasbro is also based. Also, he found the blaster is a thrift store.

Nerfer Duke Wintermaul bought the blaster off Shamrock454, so we should we able to see more content of the blaster in the near future. Again, stay tuned to Basic Nerf for more Elite XD and Rebelle content!

4 thoughts on “New Web Listings Online Reveal Sneak Peak of More 2015 Elite & Rebelle Blasters, & Hasbro Loses Upcoming Rebelle Blaster”

  1. Who on the design team thought that the plastic diamon on top would look any good? “Girls like shiny things and diamonds, right? Let’s put it on top of the blaster!”

    On another note, I’d love to see the “tactical” “male” equivalent to this in the Zombie Strike line.


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