The Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Line Is Already Proving To Be A Dissapointment For One Fan

Photo from the Derp Mod blog posting

So if you remember my post about the N-Strike Elite XD line bringing new standards to Nerf’s Elite ranges, you would have probably been excited about it like most fans. It seems like 75 feet to 90 (angled, stock measurements of course) would be very noticeable.

However, fan Mod blog “Derp Mods” has done some range tests with an Elite XD Triad, and the results are disappointing, and also a bit confusing. Check the rest of the post for more info and a possible explanation.


What did I find, though? Disappointment. White, plastic disappointment. Somehow, the “new” X-D Triad with its longer range claims performed far worse than my “old” blue warhorse of a Triad. I was shocked and disappointed. How I came to this conclusion is simple: I fired six shots out of both with the W-code darts the X-D came with. They were fired level at shoulder-height out in to my yard, and the data is pretty saddening.

Dart 1, Original: Approximately 33 feet.
Dart 2, Original: Approximately 43 feet.
Dart 3, Original: Approximately 49 feet.
Dart 4, Original: Approximately 36 feet.
Dart 5, Original: Approximately 46.5 feet.
Dart 6, Original: Approximately 54 feet.
Original Triad Average: Approximately 43.6 feet.

Dart 1, X-D: Approximately 28 feet.
Dart 2, X-D: Approximately 35 feet.
Dart 3, X-D: Approximately 35.3 feet.
Dart 4, X-D: Approximately 38 feet.
Dart 5, X-D: Approximately 26 feet.
Dart 6, X-D: Approximately 34 feet.
X-D Triad Average: Approximately 32.7 feet.

Derp Mods info and a few possible explanations can be found on his blog post.


In a follow up post in the same day, he takes the blaster apart and looks for some more definite answers. His final statement nicely sums up his internal blaster findings.

All in all, we’re looking at some semi-interesting findings, but I have no freaking idea what they mean. ” Me no do de science. Me just hacka-hacka.” I’m quite convinced the new, slight change to the AR assembly is causing the resistant “hiss” and shitty range, but I’m so afraid of messing up the smart-tech that I don’t want to go blindly hacking away. However, these subtle changes are definitely associated with the poor performance, in my mind. Now we as a community just have to figure out how.


3 thoughts on “The Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Line Is Already Proving To Be A Dissapointment For One Fan”

  1. Mh quite sad, dissapointing and enraging… I didn’t feel the XD camblaster was performing better than a stryfe either. The Rhino Fire I tested was underwhelming, too:

    However that might be because of constant use at the booth. The Demolisher is the only XD blaster where you can see increased performance, or so it appeared to me…


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