Basic Nerf Indoor Nerf War Session 11/17/12


On the rainy night of November 17, 2012, some friends and I packed ourselves into an indoor building for some Nerf Games! I invited some members of the Norwalk Nerf League to come over and play again. There was a total of about 20 people playing,

Feel free to check out all the screen caps here, or keep scrolling the posts for a couple favorites of mine, along with the GoPro Nerf War footage I captured.


Rampage Gameplay/Rushing! (Game 1)
I’ve had a couple of people ask me to use the Rampage in a game, so here it is!
Had problems with it jamming up on older Streamline darts for some reason. But when it was working, it reminded me a lot of the Raider.

Getting ready before the first game with everyone participating.

Keep reading for more video and photos!

Back to the Rayven (Game 2)
Since my Stampede hasn’t been working lately, I decided to switch back to my old primary, the Rayven.

A Foam Dart Standoff (Game 3)
I get out a bit early, and then proceed to cameraman an duties. A LOT of foam was being launched in the halls this game.





Flag Capture Point 2 Highlights (Game 4)
Game 4 of this indoor game session is Capture the Flag. It’s played a little differently then TDM.

2 Hits and/or a headshot takes you out, not 3.
Once your out, go back to your base to respawn. Respawn timer is 15 seconds.
There are two flags on the field, capture both to give you team a point. First team to three points wins.

Our rules were a bit flawed, and as a result we had pretty long games.

Flag Capture Points 3 & 4 Highlights (Riot Shield Gameplay) (Part 1/2)

These are highlights of flag captures 3 and 4, and early into the video both teams are tied 2-2, with the last point deciding the winning team.

Flag Capture Points 3 & 4 Highlights (Part 2/2)

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