Humans vs. Zombies

Is this page, you’ll find content such as photos, videos, and blaster tips related to HvZ, including my own adventures in the Southern California Camarillo games. Page is still in construction.

A List of College Games Can Be Found Here:
Official Wikia of College Campus HvZ Games, last edit March 13, 2013

California, Camarillo HvZ Games:
Humans vs. Zombies Winter 2012 (Dec. 16 & Dec. 23, two separate games)

California, Camarillo HvZ Media:
Basic Nerf Summer 2011 Day 3 Recap
My Summer 2012 HvZ Loadout (Video)
Humans vs Zombies Camarillo,CA 2012 Summer Recap Music Video
Camarillo Summer 2012 Photos and Screenshots
A Basic Nerf interview with Camarillo 2012 Summer HvZ Game Organizers (Write Up)
Basic Nerf interview with MVP of the Camarillo 2012 Summer HvZ game, Ferris McIntyre


Youtube channel of Shining Foam aka HvZAuburn. GoPro First Person view of his games, his games are based in Auburn University, Alabama.

Blaster Tips:
Recon, Raider & Vulcan Usage Tips (Humans vs. Zombies Board Tips)
The Definitive Newbie’s Guide to the Recon (HvZ Forum Write Up)
The Longshot Tenets (Humans vs. Zombies Forum Tips)
The Stampede Tenets (Humans vs. Zombies Forum Tips)

5 Basic HvZ Tips Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies has Taught Me (Basic Nerf Article)

Last EDIT: May 6, 2013

8 thoughts on “Humans vs. Zombies”

  1. Are there any events like hvz in the state of Mississippi? I have like 3 freinds that are into nerf and I’d like to be in an envent like this. It seems like a lout of fun!


  2. Saya pengen ke Sia–hniTMal sekitar 24 Oktober 2012, keinginannya : Di singapura hanya hari kedatangan aja (datang langsung city tour) malam dg bus/van ke thailand 2 malam (hari ke 2 dan 3 full), pagi ke malaysia 3 malam (hari 4,5,6 full) pulang hari ke 6 via surabaya misalnya airasia jam 19:00.Tolong biaya berapa ya……..(4 orang)


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