Buzzbee Toys Takes on a Slightly More Mature Look With New Blaster Commercials

Their 2014 Lineup, featuring the Predator, Sonic 6, and Extreme Blastzooka.

Buzz Bee Toys has recently released Youtube commercials for their newer blasters called the Predator, Sonic 6, Extreme Blastzooka, Sidewinder, and Gunsmoke. And while their looks and performance still seem to be on the lacking side, the ads are a step or two above what we’re used to seeing from Buzz Bee.

Check out the rest of the post below, as well as video commercials for the Sidewinder and Gunsmoke.

Buzz Bee blasters have always had a special place in my heart in my 5 and a half years of Nerfing. The Rapidfire Tek Rifle was the first Nerf/Buzz Bee blasters I got when I actually started getting into organized Nerf games.

However, while Nerf has constantly improved their designed, performance, and fan interaction through the years, Buzz Bee has made little to no progress in those areas. And although they have a solid blaster being released once in awhile, the blaster is often lacking in more then one area. Or it’s already been done by Nerf, but in a better form.

Which is why these latest trio of commercials from Buzz Bee Toys gives me hope as to the future of Buzz Bee. The videos are solidly shot, edited, and paced. But just because someone can shoot quality videos doesn’t mean the items/blasters are good. But you would think that if a solid amount of effort and money goes into promoting things, then that would translate into future efforts in the other factors including performance and design.

Fingers crossed for that. Maybe my Nerf vs. Buzz Bee can happen one day. But for now, most fans would be happy if Buzz Bee even took a few steps towards getting to Nerf’s level.

Sidewinder Commerical

Gunsmoke Commerical


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