ThinkGeek Helps Celebrate April Fool’s Day with the Nerf Nuke

Gif image from ThinkGeek

One of ThinkGeek’s latest April Fool’s Day pranks is putting up a listing on the “Nerf Nuke”. While the actual item is fake and not for sale, you can see the product description and it’s promotional video below.

ThinkGeek’s idea was most likely inspired by the above video. “The Nerf Nuke” by Whitest Kids U Know”. Product description below is from ThinkGeek’s listing.

You know that guy down the hall who always carries around a NERF gun even when there’s not a current war going on? The dude that shoots everyone no matter which team they are on? Yeah, that guy’s a jerk. Are you ready to finally get your revenge? Are you ready to hit him with a weapon so devastating he’ll have to change his pants after hours of quaking in fear? Well, then, have we got the one thing you need: the NERF Nuke!

The NERF Nuke is quite simply the pinnacle of NERF weaponry. Load it with 80 NERF darts and crank the arming mechanism (which is also the trigger button, so be careful). To conserve space, the NERF Nuke uses a reverse-plunger system, which compromises distance for compactness. But hey, it’ll still fire the darts up to 30 feet when it hits. However, the NERF Nuke Launcher is a tripod-mounted, direct-plunger system, and can rocket the NERF Nuke itself up to 40 feet – just far enough for you to be outside the blast radius. When you need to end it, and end it fast, there’s no other choice than the NERF Nuke!

Safety Warning: Do not fire the NERF Nuke at humans, children, pets, wild animals, trees, the elderly, faces, ghosts, or in very confined spaces. Always wear safety glasses, knee pads, and other forms of protection.


For ages 14 and up.
Bring all NERF wars to a quick end with the devastating NERF Nuke.
Toss it into battle or launch it with the included NERF Nuke Launcher.
The entire NERF Nuke is coated in NERF foamy goodness – for safety.
Fires 80 NERF darts in every direction, up to 30 feet, when it hits its target.
Compatible with all NERF micro darts.
No batteries required – just a desire to annihilate!
Includes: NERF Nuke, Launcher with integrated tripod, and 80 NERF micro darts.
NERF Nuke: approx. 7″ diameter x 12″ tall.
Nuke Launcher: Over 5 feet long!

As someone who actually plays Nerf, this listing made me stop and think about some of it’s practical uses if it were real. The amount of darts would certainly be helpful and should have a high chance of hitting opponents depending on the circumstances. 80 darts is quite a lot to load though, that’s a little bit more then 4 18 dart mags. It’s low ranges and big loading launcher would lower maneuverability by a big amount though. This would have to be a specialty weapon, and it’s high price range would probably make it appear less on the battlefield.

Still though, it’s nice to dream and speculate.

From ThinGeek

2 thoughts on “ThinkGeek Helps Celebrate April Fool’s Day with the Nerf Nuke”

  1. Could you actually sell that please. I was so exited and wanted to get it until it said its not real :( I saved up enough money just for it to say that it’s not real :(


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