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Random Acts of Nerf: Attaching Nerf Darts to Your Eyes

Just yesterday, a Youtube user by the name of “Charles Tietjen” posted the video above to Youtube. He attaches Nerf suction darts to his eyes and looks around, which looks a bit odd to say the least.

WARNING: This is a bit unsettling, and it personally made me squirm while watching it. Just knowing that Nerf suction darts would be attached to your eyes gets me closing them.

In a different video linked below, he says in the description that he has contacts over his eyes. Even so, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND doing this this, at all. Always wear eye protection when playing with Nerf blasters folks.

There’s a less another video he made showing the process of putting them on, which is also a bit easier to take. If you want to see more, someone also made a short gif as well. Check the rest of the post to see that.

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Keri Russell & Her Family Are Into Nerf Wars

Keri Russell tells Jimmy about her son’s annual Christmas list and how vicious her toddler daughter gets during Nerf fights.

American actress was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and during their talks about Christmas wishlists she reveal that her young children (3 & 7) are into having Nerf wars with their parents. Of course, it’s not quite as crazy or hardcore as more of us Nerfers, but it could be a start! And of course, it’s nice to hear Nerf getting some attention in the mainstream media.

ThinkGeek Helps Celebrate April Fool’s Day with the Nerf Nuke

Gif image from ThinkGeek

One of ThinkGeek’s latest April Fool’s Day pranks is putting up a listing on the “Nerf Nuke”. While the actual item is fake and not for sale, you can see the product description and it’s promotional video below.

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Nerf Rough Cut 2×4 = Winchester 1887? (Video)


I for the life of me can’t figure out how to embed the video here. But a user recently figured out how to flip the Rough Cut like the Winchester 1887. You can view the video here. It was made very popular in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, but to be a different here’s a clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger doing it in Terminator 2.

13 year old Joel Mercer invents Dart Sucker Reloaded, files patent

Click here to see the breakfast tv interview

Joel Mercer from New Zealand has made an interesting device. It’s one that sucks up Nerf darts and also can reload your blaster as well. I have no clue how that works, something with tubes and an air compressor. Hopefully he, or someone, can refine the idea and make it smaller and more practical. The patent is pending, and if it goes through another company could buy it off him and pass produce it.