N-Strike Elite Stryfe 18 Dart Stampede Mag Jam Problem (Video)

Video proof of the problem above.

A couple of users, including myself, have run into some issues with the old 18 dart Stampede mags, (Have yet to check with any other magazine). Unmodded, the only way constant firing you’ll get out of the blaster is to use the half clear 18 dart mags they sell at stores with Elite Darts. This is a big problem and can cause all sorts of reliability problems in games.

When you load a mag, the dart puts pressure on the orange lever above, and unblocks the plunger so it can hit the dart through the flywheels. A simple, but temporary fix, is to use duct tape to put pressure on the level all the time.



However, my friend has opened the blaster and found a very simple way to fix this issue. He reports that it’s working great with zero jams after doing this. So be sure to check it out and tell him I sent you!


9 thoughts on “N-Strike Elite Stryfe 18 Dart Stampede Mag Jam Problem (Video)”

  1. Isn’t this just because the spring in the older 18s isn’t as good, so it doesn’t push the darts up with enough force to move the “dart sensor”?


  2. I’ll reserve judgement until this has been a little more thoroughly tested. Sounds to me more like a case of the older magazine simply having a worn out spring.


  3. My old 18 dart mags have some “room” at the top when loaded fully – about 3/4 the diameter of a dart.

    My NEW 18 dart mags (elite i.e. “half-clear”) can BARELY even fit 18 and that top dart is getting huge grooves pushed into it from contact with the top of the mag [where the rounded flange is].

    Are your mags all like this too? I sure don’t like the fit of the new mags as they basically need to be used right away or they’ll effectively tear the dart on top…

    Does this have anything to do with the fit/jam issues on the Stryfe??


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