Upcoming Mega Series Magnus Blaster now has Photo & Production Description


Thanks to the German site Bankcroft.de, we now have a photo and an extended product description. It’s being sold on the site for 24.99 EUR. Below is the extended production description, roughly translated.


It was really only a matter of time until the Mega Series is adapted from the Centurion over a meter long on a slightly more compact format. Even if there is something to the market launch yet, we expect the Magnus not before December 2013 or January 2014, we will present you ever Croft Bank of the most important information for the hand Blaster not so distant future. In contrast to the Centurion Magnus needs no external magazine. The ammunition is placed directly above the blaster. As expected, the Blaster is an integrated magazine, which takes a total of 3 darts along with the positioned over darts. With a handle of the clamping mechanism is retracted so that the trigger all the fire power of the Magnus can be discharged. And we know what that means, since we kept the Centurion for the first time in their hands. According to initial rumors, the maximum range of 85 feet Magnus could be (almost 26 meters), which would slightly lower than the proclaimed for the Centurion 100 feet. On a tactical rail accessory rail extensions Hasbro has not waived at the Magnus, it is located at the bottom of the Blasters. The blaster is held in the familiar colors of the Mega Series (red, orange, gray, white, gray) and offers a simple, yet perfected look. Due to the relative low weight, and the present design of a single-Blasters, the Magnus can easily fire with one hand. Included with the Knifte are in addition to the small blaster from the Mega Series is a collection of 3 Mega Darts. There is more ammunition separately in refill packs.

Although the blaster and concept seem cool, the flimsy and non durable Mega Darts are probably going to be a problem until Nerfs get around to fixing those.

According the description, the blaster shouldn’t be out until after December 2013 or January 2014. I’ll keep you updated if/when more info comes out on this blaster.


13 thoughts on “Upcoming Mega Series Magnus Blaster now has Photo & Production Description”

  1. Finally a MEGA pistol. However it is not extremely practical. It only has 3 shots, yes they have a huge range but when are you going to need that for a pistol. You say well outdoors of course. So lets shoot the huge surface area MEGA darts like 70 feet cause they’ll be so accurate. Anyway what this does mean is a pistol with medium range almost no drop.


    1. Honestly, I would take the Magnus over the Centurion any day. The Centurion is just too bulky for its own good, and if the Magnus does get 85ft range, that should make it more accurate than your average pistol. I would never use it as a primary, or a sidearm, but it would make an interesting secondary; high range and accuracy in a small-ish package. The three-dart internal mag is kind of disappointing, but the dart take up so much space that it makes sense.


  2. When it comes out, I imagine a popular mod to try with be re-working it to feed from the Centurion’s MEGA clip (and possibly any other MEGA clip system blaster magazines). Well, we got a rifle, now a pistol, all that’s left is a big drum fed flywheel machinegun, and/or possibly a four barreled shotgun ala the Roughcut. I hope for the former, since it would either mean a MEGA clip system drum magazine, or a belt-fed thing similar to the Vulcan (but flywheel, obviously, since Nerf is currently swinging that way)…

    I love speculation…


    1. I doubt that it would be flywheel, and if it is it’s not likely to be belt-fed… Nerf’s belts so far have all had a backstop, which is fine for darts that are sturdy, but MEGA darts are too flimsy for that to work because of their bad proportions, and even if they weren’t they’re too BIG for flywheels to be an effective way to launch them (length vs diameter).


  3. The MEGA darts have really ruined the whole line. They get torn up easily, cannot work with flywheels, are to flimsy to be in belts, and higher capacity clips could damage them. So were stuck with rifles, pistols, possibly revolvers, and shotguns.


    1. Agreed. I’m scared to even use the Mega Centurion in games because I feel like the darts could get shredded, and that’s money down the drain right there.

      Making better, more solid darts, should go a long way to make this Mega Series a more line.


  4. Hi basic nerf, I have a question. When will the mega Magnus blaster come to Australia (WA). And what will be the rrp ( recommended retail price) be???


    1. Thanks really hard to say right now. There isn’t any official targeted release months, just a speculated December 2013/January 2014 like it says in this post.

      As for the price, that’s also hard to say as well. Some people like to just convert the currency to their own to get an idea of the price, but sometimes Nerf has their own different idea when pricing across countries, so that doesn’t work most of the time.

      I’ll try to keep you all updated as more info comes out for this blaster.


      1. Hi, and thx for answering, I need a new side arm / secondary and i thought this might be good for just that. Though I would like to no your current opinion, would u currently recommend this or something like a rough cut ( my friend has one I really like :) or any other blaster that would be good for a secondary or sidearm


        1. The Rough Cut is one of my favorite blasters, but it’s really tricky to carry around without the darts falling out. It’s a good primary if you have plenty of darts either in a pouch or on the ground to refill it with, but the difficulties of carrying it makes it hard to use as a secondary. Instead, I would get a Rebelle Sweet Revenge kit – it comes with the Sweet Revenge, which is an excellent sidearm, and a holster which carries the Revenge and three extra darts. The Sweet Revenge can be slam-fired, it’s front-loading and easy to reload, and it can be dual-wielded. The Zombie Strike Hammershot is identical, except that as far as I know there’s no holster for it.


        2. Sorry for a bit of a late answer.

          It depends on how your games are played. In my games, the Mega Centurion is a one hit KO since it fires the Mega Dart. If you don’t have that option in your games, then this blaster probably wouldn’t be the best to choose since it has low capacity.

          The Rough Cut and Stryfe make good side arm options/secondary blasters. You should take a look at what games you play, how your play style is, and then pick a blaster which bests suits that.


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