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Ammo markings for solid 18 Dart clips (Photo)

While searching through ebay for Nerf stuff to buy, I found this clip for sale marked up. While I have yet to test if this is true, I’ll be testing out my clips soon to see, and worst case thing this can be a reference of sorts.

GoPro FPS Nerf War 9/9/12 – Indoor Church Game 3 (Retaliator vs. Lumitron)

3rd game between my 9 year old cousin and I. I’m a bit rusty and haven’t played in this place in awhile. This church has a lot of corners, which means if your playing against more people, or a more skilled person, you gotta watch them. But if not, then you can be a bit more lax, especially since your playing against your 9 year old cousin.

Also, I believe I get my camp on in this game.

Shock and Awe: The Stampede Tenets (Humans vs. Zombies Forum Tips)

Thx again to the HvZ Forum. Again this mostly relates to Hvz, but maybe you’ll get some info out of this.

The Stampede is unique among modern Nerf blasters as being the only model that is both electric and part of the clip system family. This creates some fundamental differences between it and its pump-, bolt-, and slide-action counterparts. So forget what you know about Longshots, Raiders, Recons, Alpha Troopers, Longstrikes, everything- the Stampede is none of those.

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The Longshot Tenets (Humans vs. Zombies Forum Tips)

tenetsplural of ten·et
Noun: A principle or belief, esp. one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy

Folks at the HvZ Forums came up with some basic, simple tips involving this gun. You can check them out, or hit the jump to read them here.
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The Stampede ECS – The Pros and Cons (Part 2) (Basic Nerf Article)

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Yes you can duck tape a camera to the shield and take video with it, handy huh?

Part 1 of the article here.

In part 2 of these articles on the Stampede ECS. In part 2 we’ll talk about the pros and cons that this gun has. Lets go talk about the pros first. We can call this a mini-review for now, with a more in-depth review coming after I use the gun myself. I’ll also talk about it’s actual usage in wars, it’s accessories, and how this gun could sway some battles.

Hit the jump for more of course. This is my longest article yet so feel free to kick back and do some nice Nerf related reading. Oh and please leave me a comment with any grammar errors you spot or your thoughts on this article.
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Basic Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 Review (Write Up)

Heres the review of the Alpha Trooper CS-18 I promised you guys I would make. After my Saturday Nerf battles and my Sunday spent off recovering, I’m here to impart knowledge to you. After about 5 games of Nerf played, I came out learning more about the gun and myself.

Hit the jump to read more. I talk about it’s abilities, strengths, weakness and the overall uses of the blaster.
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